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Disney Day 5: Epcot


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Our next day in the parks was spent primarily at Epcot; however, we actually started the day back at Hollywood Studios for a character breakfast at Hollywood and Vine. Y’all. This breakfast buffet was SO GOOD! There was no way I could try everything, but I can say that everything that I put in my mouth tasted great! We met four Disney Junior characters: Jake, Sofia the First, Doc McStuffins, and Handy Manny. Turner wasn’t as familiar with Sofia, but he still enjoyed meeting all of the characters. I would definitely recommend this meal if you have a Disney Junior fan in the family.

We made our way over to Epcot and Turner and I waited in line to meet Joy and Sadness from Inside Out while Aaron headed over to ride Test Track. This was also a fun character interaction because both Joy and Sadness really took time with Turner. We also saw Baymax from Big Hero 6, but we opted not to wait in line to meet him this time.


We then rode The Seas with Nemo and Friends and spent time looking at the aquariums and playing in Bruce’s Shark World.

We walked over to Mission Space and realized that Turner wasn’t quite tall enough for the Mars (Orange) mission, we we went on the green mission and he still really enjoyed it. He’s still talking about how he got to be the pilot!

We had a Fastpass for Frozen Ever After around lunchtime. Even with the Fastpass, the line was still pretty long. We finally got on the boat and made it about a minute or so into the attraction. Once we got to the peak where Queen Elsa was about to belt out “Let it Go” before the boat goes backwards down a hill, everything suddenly stopped and went silent! We heard Olaf’s voice come over the speaker telling us to remain in the boat. Several minutes passed by and we were still stuck! Finally a cast member came out from behind the scenes and informed us that the ride was temporarily going to be closed and we were going to have to be “rescued” off the boat. We waited for a second cast member to arrive, and after some of the water was drained out, they put a little metal “bridge” between the boat and the walkway off to the side and escorted us off the boat one at a time. We got a backstage tour of the attraction because we had to be escorted out through the “Cast Member Only” area. It was a bummer not to get to finish the ride, but was actually pretty cool to get to see areas of the park that no one really gets to see! We were given a Fastpass to come back later when the ride was operating again.

After that ordeal, I realized that I was starting to get a headache, so we looked for a nearby place to break for lunch. I wasn’t feeling very adventurous at that time, so we opted for a quick meal of American food at Liberty Inn. After lunch, we went back to the hotel. The late nights/early mornings were starting to catch up with me!

We went back out to Epcot later that night for snacks and dinner. Turner requested a cinnamon roll for a snack, so we found a cart that had a really good one for him. Then Aaron and I had dinner at Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie in France. I don’t know the name of the sandwich that we got, but it was really tasty! We also shared a creme brûlée and Aaron had a latte. Everything was delicious!

We went back over to Norway to try again for Frozen Ever After. Thankfully, it was working again and we were able to finish the ride this time. Turner asked to buy a bag of gummies at the gift shop after the Frozen ride. I didn’t realize until it was too late that those Norwegian gummies were $12.00!! That was really our only “impulse buy” during the trip. We really stuck to our dining plan and didn’t have to spend any extra money on food.

I’m not sure exactly what was going on at Epcot that night, but it was SO CROWDED. It was dark and the crowds were a bit overwhelming to me, so we called it a night shortly after that. I would love to go back and try food at different countries, but it just wasn’t feasible to do that with Turner during this trip. My only regret is that we didn’t try to ride Soarin’ again while we were there, but otherwise I think we did just about all that we wanted to do at Epcot!

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