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Playing with Orbeez

A few weeks ago, Turner and I were watching YouTube videos and we stumbled across a video of some people playing with Orbeez in an inflatable pool in their backyard. Tuner was mesmerized and said, “I wish I had some of those!” So I did what any typical millennial mom would do and whipped out my iPhone and looked them up on Amazon. They were super cheap, so with one quick click, they were on their way to our doorstep #thankyouamazonprime. Side note – I didn’t realize that the package that I ordered contained TWENTY THOUSAND Orbeez. Oops.

My intent was to take these to Mississippi for Turner to try out with his cousins on our recent trip, but we were so busy during that trip that we never really had time. We finally broke them out this weekend at home to give them a try. See the pictures below for the process from start to finish!




The only difference with the last picture is that I had my camera flash on because it was still dark in the house. They look awesome in that picture, but they didn’t magically turn into neon colors overnight. 🙂 The whole process was really cool and Turner enjoyed seeing each stage. The Orbeez went from tiny, hard beads to slippery, slimy, bouncy balls. They didn’t get quite as large as I expected, but they’re still really fun! Turner has enjoyed dumping them from one container to another and hiding some of his smaller toys in the beads. I may get adventurous this week and put some in our kiddie pool in the backyard. I imagine he would LOVE to play in a pool full of Orbeez, and I have approximately 19,683 left to use! Overall, this was a cheap, interesting science experiment and I definitely recommend it if you have little ones!

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