Labor Day Getaway

Aaron and I went to Broken Bow, OK around 4 years ago for our “babymoon” when I was pregnant with Turner. We took Ally with us and had big plans to have a great time. Unfortunately, I got very sick just before our trip, and I was fairly miserable the entire time! During that trip, we managed to make a couple of short outings, but we spent most of our time at the cabin. I’ve wanted to go back, so we finally planned a trip this year!

There are so many beautiful cabins to choose from in the Broken Bow area, but our selections were a bit more limited since we were bringing Ally, and most only accept smaller dogs. The cabin we chose is brand new and allows large dogs, so we were so happy to find it! It was perfect for our family. Photos of our exact cabin can be seen here.  (You should really click the link to check them out. The cabin was really beautiful!!)


We arrived Friday afternoon and after we got all settled in, we had dinner at Grateful Head Pizza. It was good, but I think Turner thought it was great because that kid ate 4.5 slices. (sans crust). We then walked over to the adjacent shops to browse around and then headed back to the cabin to check out the hot tub! Turner absolutely loved it!

On Saturday, we loaded up the family and drove to a nearby state park for what we thought would be a leisurely hike. We figured we’d get into the woods and let Ally off the leash to roam around a bit. We had Turner in the jogging stroller, and it didn’t take long at all to see that our hike was not going to be leisurely at all! The trail was extremely rough and had a lot of hills and steep drop offs. We never felt comfortable letting Ally off the leash, so I held on to her the whole time. Aaron had to maneuver the stroller over so many obstacles like big rocks and roots as well as downed tree trunks that were blocking the path. It was hot and there were bugs, but we survived 4 miles. It felt like a lot more than that! We treated ourselves to ice cream at a local shop on the way back to the cabin.

We grilled burgers and hot dogs for a late lunch, and then after we all rested for a while, we went back out to a petting zoo and to play putt putt golf. Turner had so much fun at both places! It’s a joy to see him experience new things.

On Sunday we decided to rent a canoe. I don’t recall that I’ve ever been canoeing, so I wasn’t exactly prepared for all the work it took to get 2 miles down the river! Between the hike and the canoeing, I had some sore muscles, but it was worth it! We all enjoyed the beautiful scenery. We spent the afternoon at the cabin in the hot tub and grilling lunch. We then went back out to a local place called The Blue Rooster for dinner. Once we got back to the cabin, Aaron made a fire and we roasted a few marshmallows and had fun eating s’mores and playing games like corn hole and horseshoes. It was a great evening, I just wish it had been about 20 degrees cooler!

It was a really enjoyable trip and we hope to visit again soon! 


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