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My First Stitch Fix!

I know, I know. I’m a couple of years late to the bandwagon, but I finally bit the bullet and decided to order a Stitch Fix box! (Thanks to my fashionista sister for letting me try on her Stitch Fix clothes!) If you don’t know what it is, Stitch Fix is an online styling services where a stylist will hand pick clothing and accessories and mail to you each month/quarter/etc.. based on a style profile that you complete. So for example, I told the stylist that I’m a full-time working mom, so I prefer pieces that aren’t too fussy. I work in a business casual environment where it’s typically cold in the office, so layers are great. I sent my stylist a link to a Pinterest board that I created with some outfits that I like, and she took it from there. I was so excited when my box arrived Friday! I tore right in to it and started trying on each piece.

Fair warning – I’m not a photographer, so the pictures of the items were snapped on my iPhone in my laundry room. There are no selfies involved. I apologize for any disappointment that you may feel over that. Ha!

The first item I received was a black maxi dress. My initial reaction when I pulled it out of the box was, “Nope, this isn’t going to work for me.” I would have never picked this dress for myself, but it really does work!! It is so cute/flattering on and is extremely comfortable. I also received the necklace pictured below and it adds a fun pop of color. I can wear this out on a date night or to work if I add a cardigan.

The second item was a cute navy/white sleeveless top with a fun mint color on the sleeves. I love that the hem is cut higher in the front and longer in the back. It also has a little zipper that adds a bit of detail to the back. This looks good with skinny jeans or white pants. It can also be layered with a cardigan to transition into fall. The fabric feels amazing and very high quality.

The next shirt is fine, but it’s probably my least favorite of anything that I received, probably because it’s the most similar to what I typically wear to work. It’s a simple, lightweight black and white shirt that is super easy to pair with black pants and be out the door in the mornings.  It’s very sheer, so I’ll definitely need to wear a cami underneath it. The sleeves are a bit different – they are longer than a 3/4 length but are not all the way long sleeve. Shall we call them 7/8 length??

It’s always very cold at my office, so I LOVE a good cardigan! The one that I received in this box could not be any more perfect! It is super soft and I love the color! It will work well with some pieces I already have and I can’t wait to wear it with skinny jeans and booties in the fall! Oh and it looked uh-mazing over the maxi dress as well.

So my hesitation about signing up for Stitch Fix all this time was because they advertise that the average cost per item is $55. Let’s be real….Most of my work wardrobe typically comes from New York and Company (and y’all know they ALWAYS have a sale), and my casual items are from Old Navy and Target. My point being — I don’t typically spend $55 per item on my clothing. Like, ever. But I’ve noticed lately that many of the pieces in my wardrobe look a little “blah” because they were fairly cheap to begin with and they’ve not held up very well. I’m finally starting to see the value in investing in good quality staple items (like I received in this box) for my wardrobe so that I’ll look and feel my best. Thankfully my husband shares those same feelings about quality, so he was totally on board with me keeping all five items! #LoveHim

In case you’re hesitant like I was, here’s the real deal breakdown of what I spent on this box. Hopefully this will help you decide if signing up is right for you. I was actually not going to keep the black and white top, but since you get a 25% discount for keeping all 5 items, I would have basically been paying about the same amount whether I kept it or not, so it made more sense to keep everything.

I am really, really happy with my first box and can’t wait until next month to get another one! If you’d like to check out the service for yourself, I’ll shamelessly ask you to use my referral link below so I get can $25 toward my new obsession. 🙂

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