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Mini IKEA Haul

This past weekend, Turner and I took off to Ikea to see if we could find a few decorative items for around the house. I couldn’t believe it, but Turner agreed to go into the Ikea play place, Småland. That meant that I got one full hour of blissful, kid-free shopping by myself! (Side note – how awesome is it that a store will babysit your kids for you FOR FREE for an hour?! If only Target offered this….)

I wandered around the store for a bit checking out the furniture pieces before I headed downstairs to the Marketplace. This is where I grabbed several items:

  • (2) Artificial flowers and pots (because I’m not good with real plants)
  • Drawer organizer for my camis/bras/undies
  • 3 picture frames (8.5 x 11)
  • 3 bathroom rugs
  • Storage basket
  • Placemats

The total for all of these items was about $75, which I think is a really great deal! After I got everything home, I realized that none of the rugs worked for our bathrooms (wrong sizes and/or colors), so I returned those the next day and got about $20 back. (I also got another hour of free babysitting because Turner wanted to go back to the play place.) Score!!

I used the gray storage basket to store washcloths in our master bathroom linen closet. For years I have folded every single washcloth that we own every time I washed towels, but finally it recently hit me – why am I wasting time on this?! I’ve got better things to do than fold 20 washcloths, so now they get tossed in the cute basket and I save a lot of time.

The drawer organizer fits perfectly in my bedroom dresser (also from Ikea), and helps me to keep everything tidy and easy to find. I previously had some plastic bins from Target in my drawers, but I find that these work so much better. I also realized that I own far too many pairs of socks and will be disposing of about 15 pairs very soon. (I thought about inserting a picture of the inside of my drawer here, but honestly, do y’all really need to see my socks and underwear?!) #nope But if you’re really curious about the organizer, the link to the exact one I bought is here.

I used the place mats and one of the fake flowers on our breakfast table just to warm it up a little bit. The table is old and has seen better days. We rarely eat there (we prefer to eat at the bar in our kitchen), but I didn’t want to neglect this table all together. I’ve got some fall décor that I put on it each year, but I wanted something that could also be used year-round. It’s simple, but definitely makes the space feel warmer.

Finally, I used the picture frames to hang some prints that I recently bought from Etsy for my laundry room. How cute are these?! Anyone who knows me well knows that I iron basically everything, so the middle print is probably my favorite. I like that our laundry room has a little bit of decoration now. After all, if you’ve got to do laundry, you might as well enjoy the space that you’re doing it in!

My next goals are to finish hanging some items in Turner’s bedroom and to update our master bathroom. Stay tuned for that! If you’re interested in a photo tour of our home, click HERE.

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