What I eat in a day 


Now that summertime is approaching, it seems like almost everyone I talk to lately is on some sort of diet or eating plan. I always admire folks who can stick to a diet because I just don’t have the willpower to adhere to a strict plan. I am by no means a super-healthy eater, but during the week, I do try to stick to healthy-ish options. My meals are usually super simple. I generally pack my lunch at least 4 out of the 5 working days each week, and I eat most dinner meals at home. I’ve included a real example with pictures of what I ate on a weekday this past week in case you’re looking for ideas to change up some of your meals:

Breakfast – around 8 AM: I generally get to work a few minutes early, so I’ll often eat a banana with peanut butter and a few ounces of milk at my desk to start my day.

Snack – around 10 AM: I always try to pack some sort of fresh fruit for one of my snacks each day. On this particular day it was grapes, but my favorite is fresh mango!

Lunch – around 12:30 PM: This is by far my favorite salad ever! I wrote a blog post about it a while back. It’s simply spinach, grilled chicken, cheese, strawberries, grapes, mandarin oranges, dried cranberries, and light fruity vinaigrette dressing. It is SO GOOD! I could eat this every day. On this day, I had a little bit of sweet tea with lunch, but I always water my tea down so I’m not drinking soooo many calories.

Snack – around 3:00 PM: My mom turned me on to these Atkins shakes a while back. They’re not my absolute favorite thing in the world, but they aren’t bad either! The strawberry one tastes just like strawberry milk and is quite filling. I like that it’s easy and portable to have while I’m working.

Dinner – around 6:00 PM: On this particular night, Aaron was working late, so I didn’t really need to cook a big dinner for just Turner and me. I made a “philly cheesesteak” type sandwich by heating up some deli-sliced Angus roast beef in a skillet and then melting provolone cheese on top. Meanwhile I buttered and toasted a hoagie bun, and then topped everything off with some A-1 sauce. It was really good! I didn’t have anything on the side because the sandwich was filling enough on its own.

Some time after dinner, I had one (or maybe two!) Hershey kisses that I got as a part of my Mother’s Day gift from Turner.

And there you have it! A real-life example of what I eat on a given weekday. I don’t often drink the shakes, so my afternoon snack varies a bit. And dinner is always variable depending on what we have going on. I hope you enjoyed these simple ideas of some easy meals/snacks!

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