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Girls’ Weekend/Mothers Day

Hi! I haven’t shared a blog post in quite a while, but I’m back! A few months ago, my husband switched from a night shift schedule back to a day shift (hallelujah!), which means that he’s home every night now. In the past, I would generally write my blog posts when I was by myself after Turner went to bed, but now that Aaron is home at night, I’ve tried to make spending time with him a priority over blogging. I do enjoy writing/sharing, though, so I’ve decided to sneak in a blog post every now and then!

Recently, I spent a much-needed girls’ weekend in Mobile, AL with my friend Jennifer. She and I met during my first year at USM and have basically been inseparable ever since. (Well, technically we are separated by 500+ miles, but you know what I mean). We text/snap more each day than most people probably do in a week month and we know just about everything there is to know about one another. We try to get together at least once per year, and it worked out well for me to visit her this year. When we planned the trip, I originally didn’t realize that it was Mother’s Day weekend. I hesitated for a moment and almost chose a different weekend, but then I decided that the best thing for moms to do for themselves is to get away occasionally, so I booked the flight and headed to Alabama!

We had the BEST weekend! It rained most of the day on Friday, so we stayed in PJs and watched Grey’s Anatomy and three movies. We made a delicious pasta meal and ate cookie dough for dessert. We did manage to get in a little walk around the neighborhood before the rain came so we felt like we accomplished something productive for the day.

On Saturday, we got up and actually got dressed for the day and headed out shopping. We had lunch out and then decided to go see Gifted at the theater. It was a great movie! We got ice cream after the movie and went back home to relax for the evening. We ended up just hanging out at home and watching TV, which was so relaxing for me! When I’m at home in Texas, if the TV is on, it’s generally something animated for Turner, so it was fun to sit on the couch and watch Fixer Upper for a change!

On Sunday (Mother’s Day), we went to church with Jennifer’s family and then out to eat with them afterwards. We had a lot of laughs, and then Jennifer and I left to hang out at her place before I had to leave. I got to Facetime with Turner and talk to my mom as well. I had so much fun, but I was excited to head back home to see my boys. When Jenn dropped me off at the airport, we checked the boards and saw that my flight was on time. Unfortunately, the boards were wrong and I ended up being stuck at the Mobile airport for hours due to a maintenance issue with the plane. Since my flight was the last one out of Mobile for the night, I couldn’t leave because TSA had already shut down. Soooo….I just had to wait it out. I ended up getting home a couple of minutes before midnight on Sunday night, but the trip was definitely worth the temporary hassle of the flight delay.

I’m so glad that I got to spend a few days away! Here are our shameless selfies from the weekend! 🙂

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