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Emergency kit


Turner has really outgrown the need for us to carry a “diaper bag”, but after an incident a while back involving him having the symptoms of  a stomach bug in the backseat of my vehicle (ewww), I have now found it extremely helpful to keep an extra “emergency” kit in my vehicle at all times. The items I keep in my kit are:

  • 2 extra pair of undies + a pull up (just in case)
  • Paper towels (multiple uses)
  • Hand towel (because sometimes wipes just aren’t enough)
  • 1-2 spare outfits (seasonally appropriate)
  • Plastic grocery bags (for trash or soiled clothes)
  • Mini first aid kit (band aids and neosporin)
  • Hand sanitizer (for killing germs on my hands after I clean up the mess!)
  • Small bottle of water (for helping to clean messes or for sipping after sickness)
  • Pack of wipes (these don’t fit in the box, but stay in my car at all times)

The box  I use is from Wal-Mart I believe, and is about the size of a shoe box. It just stays tucked away in the back of my SUV. I’m currently driving a rental vehicle while mine is being repaired. Thankfully, I remembered to grab the kit and toss it into the back of the rental because it came in very handy recently when Turner got a bit sick on the way home. Otherwise, I would not have had ANYTHING in the car to clean up the mess. It’s a quick and easy box to put together, and really is extremely helpful when those unexpected events happen!

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