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1000 Books Challenge

I recently graduated from a 6 month leadership class at work. Over the course of the class, I got to know many other City employees from different departments. On our graduation day, I was having lunch with one of the librarians and another library services rep, and in the course of conversation they told me about a challenge that the library is hosting for kids – Read 1000 books before kindergarten. 

The library will give you a sheet to check off each time you finish a book. For every 100 books, you can bring your child to the library for them to get their picture made and to get a sticker.

I did the rough math, and if we started now with Turner, we would need to read around 1 book per day to reach the goal. We can do that! We pretty much already do anyway, but this will challenge me as a parent to be more intentional about reading to Turner DAILY, as well as taking him to the library to find lots of fun new books. (You CAN repeat books during the challenge). 

Even if you don’t live in this area, you can still participate by downloading the app to keep count of your books. Happy reading! 

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