Big Boy Bed!


It happened! We recently moved Turner out of his crib and in to his very own big boy bed! We are in the early stages of redecorating his room, and we planned to move him into a full sized bed around his 3rd birthday in December. However, a neighbor recently posted a barely-used bed and mattress for sale at a GREAT price, so we checked it out and decided to go ahead and grab the great deal. Once Turner saw the bed, he wanted it in his room immediately, so we bit the bullet and set it up on the day we got it. Turner’s reaction: “This is so awesome!!”

I was nervous about the transition. We had not prepped him AT ALL for the transition to the new bed, so I just KNEW that he would get out of bed 10 times during the night. I thought that he would wander down the hallway into our room and we’d have to walk him back over and over. Before he went to sleep the first night, we just had a simple talk with him and said that his big boy bed is a place to sleep, not play, so once we turned off the light, he had to stay in his bed all night (unless there is an emergency). He said okay and that he understood. We laid in bed with him until he was ready to go to sleep, then we turned off the light, closed the door, and hoped for the best.

We watched Turner on the monitor, and he did so well! He never got out of bed and slept 10+ hours the first night! He called out for us the next morning and we let him know how proud we were that he slept all night in his big boy bed. In the back of my mind, I thought maybe it was just a fluke, but here we are 5 nights later, and he’s slept over 10 hours each night and hasn’t gotten out of bed at all! (Well, except for the one time he fell out and we found him sound asleep on the floor at 2 AM). 🙂

We moved the rocking chair out of his room when we put in the new bed. If I had known that we were moving him out of his crib so quickly, I probably would have rocked him a little bit longer the night before and savored his laughs as I tickled him for being so wiggly in the chair. I would have let him lay on my shoulder for a while longer if I knew it would be the last time I would rock him in his room. It’s amazing how quickly my baby is turning into a big boy. These milestones just keep coming, and as much as I want him to stay little, I’m excited to see what’s in store for my sweet boy as he keeps growing up.

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