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Even though summer doesn’t officially arrive until June 21, we’re already well into the 95-100 degree weather here in North Texas, so it definitely feels like summertime already. Last year, I made a decision to have a “summer of fun” with Turner, and we ended up having so many good experiences, mostly involving swimming! We plan to keep that tradition alive this year.

I’m writing this post on June 2nd, and so far we’ve been swimming at our neighborhood pool twice and we’ve been to the Allen Natatorium twice as well. We’ll probably frequent those two places the most this summer, but I’d really like to go back to a couple of other places, especially the Frisco Water Park. We went once last year for a dive in movie and it was such a fun place that I’d like to spend more time there.

Since I’m having tonsil surgery next week, Turner is going to get to visit with his grandparents, aunts/uncles, and cousins in Mississippi for a week or so while I recover. He’ll get to go to his cousin Katie’s birthday party, Geyser Falls, and wherever else they decide to take him! We’ve made very little plans for him, so I’m excited to see what our families end up taking him.

Toward the end of June, we’re actually ALL going back to Mississippi to visit family. Aaron has a tradition of going to a Mississippi Braves game every year on or around July 4th, so we’ll probably try to do that while we’re there. Once we get back to Texas, we’ve got some family members from Atlanta coming to visit for a couple of days, so I’m sure we’ll try some new restaurants and go to some fun places while they are here.

We don’t have much of anything on the calendar for August, but I expect we’ll visit some indoor activities like the Crayola Experience and different activities at the local libraries (in addition to swimming as much as we can).  In September, we’ll close out the summer with a big surprise trip for Turner…a Disney cruise! We plan to surprise him the day before we leave. Aaron and I LOVED our cruise in March, so we can’t wait to take Turner so he can experience it, too!

I’ll write a follow up post at the end of the summer to summarize what we actually ended up doing! Do you have big summer plans? I’m excited to see what this summer holds for us!

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