Christmas 2016 Recap


Now that the hustle and bustle of December has passed, I thought I’d take time to look back at some of my favorite memories of the last week or two of December. Check out the pictures!

A few days before Christmas, Turner’s class had a party and sang 2 songs for us. Aaron and I were glad to both be able to go. Turner was so camera shy, but I thought he did a great job! (That’s him in the center with the red shirt).


I loved having the Christmas decorations up all over the house. Ally enjoyed the peace and quiet (and space) before we added all of the gifts under the tree.


We had our family lunch at my house on Christmas Eve. The table setting looked so pretty, the food was delicious, and the fellowship was the best part. After lunch, we went to the candlelight service at our church. So special and beautiful.


Turner loved having Katie and Aunt Sara at his house!


This was our best attempt at a family Christmas picture. The kids didn’t necessarily cooperate, but we were glad to get a picture of all of us together.


The Waltmans. Where it all began. 🙂


Santa came to our house! I don’t remember much about Santa when I was growing up, and honestly I was little hesitant to teach Turner about Santa. However, it’s really hard to avoid, so we just went with it and told him that Santa may bring a couple of special gifts, but that mommy and daddy and other people who love him will give him presents too. Dr. James Dobson had a good perspective about Christians and Santa in this article.


Christmas morning! The kids were so excited to open their stockings. I was NOT excited that “Santa” brought a 4 ft. tall ninja turtle. (Ahem, Aaron). The biggest gift that Turner got from Santa was a trampoline for the back yard. He loves it!


The aftermath!


Super-hero kids! (Superheros don’t need pants, right?)


Super-hero Papa!


Selfie with this cutie!


Papa and the kids playing with play dough. Thanks, Snapchat, for the cool filter!


Movie time and snuggles with these kiddos.


Technically not Christmas, but Aaron and I had to share our NYE kiss early in the afternoon because he had to work that night. Here’s to a healthy and happy 2017 everyone!


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