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Letter to Turner – 3 years


To my precious Turner Cole,

Wow! You are three years old already! It’s hard for me to believe that you’re really turning into a big boy right before my very eyes. The last year of watching you grow has been so much fun. You and I spent a whole lot of time together because your daddy worked at night for the whole year. It was tough not having daddy at home most nights, but you and I settled into a pretty good routine! I so enjoyed our time together.

Early in the year (when you had just turned 2), we could already tell that you were so smart! You knew your shapes and colors, and could tell us your whole name, where you live, and where mommy and daddy work. You could pretty much answer any question that we asked you! You could also tell us anything and everything about Paw Patrol! My goodness, you loved that show.

You started the year off still attending First Baptist Church Weekday School in Plano (WDS), but we found out early in the year that mommy and daddy were both moving across town for work, so we looked for a new school for you so that you would be closer to us. While you were still at the WDS, though, you learned so much! I loved seeing the little art projects that you made for us and hearing you sing songs like Jesus Loves Me. You performed in your first music program and did such a great job! Besides school, you loved going to church at Gateway Church. You did such a good job at memorizing your Bible verses.

We went to Mississippi in the Spring, and you had so much fun playing with your cousins Lyda Kate, Cannon, and Edi. It was fun having everyone together at Granny’s house! Later that week, we went to Papa and Lulu’s house and you got to see Katie! You and Katie love to pick flowers and play ball in Papa and Lulu’s yard. Inside, we made you a giant “special bed” to sleep in by pushing the 2 couches together. You LOVED it! You jumped and jumped…I thought we would never get you to sleep. It makes me so happy to see you making memories in the house where I grew up.

When the weather was warm, you loved to be outside. You liked to go for walks around the neighborhood, play at the playground (swing!!!) and also dig up the dirt in our backyard with your toy tractors! You made some impressive holes in the ground! We made several trips to the neighborhood pond so you could go fishing. When it was REALLY warm, you loved to play in the water. We bought a kiddie pool, and you and Ally would splash around together. We set up your little slide in it, and you could slide over and over and never get tired. You also liked indoor play places, like Obstacle Warrior Kids, Playstreet Museum, and Kid Mania. It was so fun to see you jump and climb and play!

When you started your new school, Legacy Learning Center (LLC) in June, I was so worried about the transition. I didn’t want you to be scared, but you did GREAT! You settled right in there, and I have been blown away by all that you’ve learned. You are even learning Spanish! You love your gymnastics lessons at school, too. Right before you started your new school, you learned to use the potty like a big boy! Your daddy and I were so proud at how well you did. You went straight from wearing diapers to big-boy undies! You grasped the concept in just 3 days. Even though you had some accidents at school, it didn’t take too long before you were accident-free.

We had a fun-filled summer this year. You went to your first MLB game! This was the last year that the Atlanta Braves would play in Turner field, so we knew we had to take you there for a game. Although you weren’t a fan of sitting still for the game, you did love running the bases and eating the ballpark food. We enjoyed spending the 4th of July with our family at Papa and Lulu’s house. You played in the water with Lyda Kate and Katie ALL DAY LONG! You barely stopped to eat! I remember you falling asleep at 6:30 PM while you were trying to eat dinner. Later in the summer, we went to Pensacola Beach with all of your daddy’s side of the family. You definitely turned into a water-loving kid this year! You had no fear jumping into the pool, or into the gulf for that matter! We made a lot of fun memories on that trip.

During the Fall, we decided that it was time for you to move out of your crib and into a big-boy bed. I honestly thought that you would get out of bed 20 times per night, but I was so wrong! Turner, you did such a good job transitioning into your big bed. You only got out of your bed one time during the night! We bough you a special clock, too, that turns bright green when it’s daytime. You are so good at waiting for your clock to turn green before you get out of bed. We are so proud of you, Turner!

Throughout the year, you just thoroughly impressed us with your vocabulary, your obedience, and your sweet spirit. You could definitely have an attitude at times (you threw some MAJOR fits!!), but your daddy and I couldn’t ask for a better boy than you. We had so much fun celebrating another year with you, and we can’t wait to see what the next year has in store. God bless and keep you safe, sweet Turner. I love you with all my heart.





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