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Protein Box


When we were on vacation recently, our schedules were completely different than when we’re at home. We stayed up later than normal, woke up later, and ate meals at different times than usual. One day, we had a late breakfast and I knew we were going to be having an early dinner. I wanted something for lunch, but nothing particularly heavy. We stopped by Starbucks and I noticed their “Protein Bistro Box” and decided to give it a try.  It contained a hard‐boiled egg, sliced apples, grapes, white Cheddar cheese, multigrain bread and honeyed peanut butter. Ummm, it was PERFECT. It was just the right size for a light lunch, and I loved the variety it offered. Everything was cool, which was perfect on a hot summer day.

I knew I would not be going to Starbucks every day for lunch, so in true “Anna” fashion, I decided to recreate the box at home so I would have some easy “grab and go” lunches during the week. It’s not identical, but it’s pretty close!

As it turns out, these worked out really well for Aaron to eat. Since he works at night, his meal time varies widely, so this was an easy snack for him when he needed something to eat but didn’t want a full “meal.”

I packed one when I knew I was going to have a particularly busy day at work recently, and it served me well because I didn’t get to take a true lunch break that day, but I was able to snack on these items easily in between 2 lunch time meetings.

Like the salad I made a while back, this one is definitely a keeper, but I’m already on the lookout for what my next recreation is going to be!

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