Road Trip…Part 1


I’m only about a month late posting this, but I wanted to share about our trip in July. We generally go home to Mississippi every July 4th, and this year was no exception. This difference is that we added in an extra “bonus” trip within our trip home.

As I’ve mentioned before, we generally travel at night so that it’s easier on Turner. We left our house around 6:30 on a Thursday night. Turner was still awake, so we decided to make a “quick” pit stop about an hour into the trip so that he could use the potty before he fell asleep. We had heard a lot about Buc-ee’s, so we decided to check it out. Wow. 30 minutes and $30 later we were back on the road! I can’t believe we spent that long and that much money in a gas station! If you’ve never been, though, it’s seriously not a typical gas station by any means! I bought a salted caramel rice krispie treat, and it was pretty much amazing.


We got to Granny’s house (Aaron’s mom) around 2:30 AM. When we got up the next morning, she had fresh donuts waiting for us, and then Aunt Rachel brought LK and Baby C to play.


We had a fun morning, but then Aaron, Turner, and I loaded up to head to Atlanta! This is the last year that the Braves will play at Turner field, so we wanted to take Turner there to experience it. He did GREAT in the car and slept most of the way (since it was his usual nap time). Aaron and I realized we had been in 5 states in less than 24 hours, so all things considered, we were super proud of Turner and how well he did in the car.

The game was fun! Although he’s not smiling in most of the pictures, I promise he had fun! Of course as soon as we got to our seats, Turner said he was hungry. We grabbed some pizza at the stadium and then took him to the top level to run the bases. We also got a certificate from the Braves for Turner’s first game. We left the game early and drove about halfway back and spent the night in Birmingham.

Someone HAD to ride on the luggage cart!

After breakfast, we took Turner to the McWane Science Center. It’s so fun! We had taken Turner there when my dad was in the hospital at UAB last year so we knew he would enjoy it. We made a quick stop in Tuscaloosa to pick up a rack of ribs at Dreamland, then headed back to Granny’s for a family cookout. There was so much good food, and the cousins had fun playing.


We all went to church on Sunday morning and then headed back to Granny’s for more good food! After lunch, our friends Daniel and Lauren and their sweet children stopped by to visit. Our time together is never long enough, but we love seeing them!

We eventually loaded up the car and headed to spend the second part of our trip and Papa and Lulu’s house (my parents). I’ll share about that part of the trip soon!

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