Unplugged. (For the most part)

We’ve had satellite service with DirecTV since we built our home about 3.5 years ago. Since our neighborhood was new, DirecTV was one of the only providers in our area, so we signed up for the service at a promotional rate. After 12 months or so, the promo rate expired and our monthly rate went up. It was quite annoying to see how much the “equipment rental” fees were each month on top of the regular monthly rate, but we never seriously considered getting rid of the service until recently.

Now that we have an active toddler in the house, most of our time is spent playing outside or upstairs, and we found that we rarely watched anything except sports and news. We realized we were paying far too much money each month for a service that we didn’t use, so we decided to ditch the satellite once and for all and start streaming.

We bought Roku devices for each TV and now stream anything that we wanted to watch. We already have an Amazon Prime subscription, so there’s plenty of content we can watch from there if we choose. We also downloaded free apps like HGTV, ESPN, ABC (gotta watch Grey’s Anatomy!) and a few others. We bought the MLB package for around $100, which is less than what we would have paid for it through DirecTV, so we have access to all of the Atlanta Braves games.

We made the switch over a month ago, and I have not missed “regular” TV at all. I wish that we would have gotten rid of DirecTV a long time ago!

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