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Divine Consign

When I was pregnant with Turner, a co-worker informed me about Divine Consign, a massive children’s consignment sale that takes place in DFW twice a year. Aaron and I didn’t know what to expect, but we went to the “first time moms” pre-sale and ended up scoring TONS of cute clothes for Turner at really great prices. Although we already had most of the baby gear that we needed (furniture, bumbo, boppy pillow, swings, rockers, etc…), DC definitely has a huge inventory of those things as well.

We’ve been back to every sale since then and have really been able to buy about 90% of Turner’s spring/summer and fall/winter clothes at that one place each year. Additionally, we also sell the clothes that he has outgrown, so we generally break even on what we spend on new clothes. It’s almost like shopping for free!

I sold quite a bit of Turner’s infant toys at the most recent sale last week, as well as all of his spring and summer clothes from last year. In total, I sold 124 pieces, and my net profit was $247.00.


We purchased 80+ pieces for spring/summer, including toys, at this sale for a total of $281.00. This includes:

  • 8 pajama sets
  • 4 dress shirts
  • 22 t-shirts
  • 8 swim pieces
  • 1 pair of pants
  • 21 pairs of shorts
  • 3 pairs of shoes
  • 15 toys (puzzles, games, etc…)

It was a very successful selling and shopping experience! Based on the figures above, we only spent about $34.00 more than what we earned at the sale, so I consider that a definite win!

If you’re a mom in the DFW area and would like help selling your items, please let me know! 

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