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Summer of Fun 2018

I had surgery in June, and I knew that I would be out of commission for a few weeks during the summer. Because of that, I promised myself (and Turner) that I would try really hard to do a lot of fun things with him during the summer once I had recovered from surgery. Now that it is officially Fall, I thought I’d recap Summer 2018 with some photos of the fun things that we did.

During my recovery, Turner spent 11 days in Mississippi visiting with our families. Read about his trip HERE.

Frisco water park – This place is really cool! It’s not too big or crowded, and the price for entry is reasonable. The Fort area is big and has several different slides. The lazy river is long and fun to float down over and over. Although we didn’t make it to one this summer, we have been to “dive in movies” here after dark.

Neighborhood pool – It’s hard to beat an afternoon at the neighborhood pool. It’s nearby, free, and typically not crowded. Turner enjoyed getting to know some other kids in the neighborhood during our trips to the pool.

Allen natatorium – When it gets really hot outside, one of our favorite places to go swim is the Nat. It’s super inexpensive to get in, and we get to enjoy swimming without worrying about getting a sunburn. The Nat recently got an upgrade, and the new slides are really fun. We met up with friends there a few times this summer and always look forward to the next time we can go. I like that they have family locker rooms so that we can shower and change into dry clothes before we leave.

Obstacle Warrior Kids – We refer to this as the “Ninja place.” Somehow I didn’t manage to get any pictures from our trips here, but Turner always enjoyed going to play on the obstacles. He’s getting too big for the “little kid” play area, so I’m excited to take him back after he turns 5 so he can play on the real “big kid” obstacles.

Crayola Experience – We really enjoy this place! I’ve got a whole post about it here.

Marvel: Avengers Live! – This event in Dallas was so much fun! Turner LOVES super heroes, so it seemed only natural to buy tickets as soon as we found out about this event. We loved getting to see all of the superheroes in person, and we spent WAY too much money on snacks. Ha!

Outdoor fun – We love to visit new playgrounds, and a friend told us about a really cool one that isn’t too far from where we live. We went once by ourselves and then went back a few weeks later for a birthday party. When we were at home, we liked to play in the water and even put the sprinkler under the trampoline a time or two!

Indoor activities – Sometimes it’s just way too hot to go outside (#Texas), so we tried to find fun indoor activities to pass the time. Some of our favorites this summer were making slime (at home and with friends at their house), indoor picnics, and baking homemade cookies. We also spent some time every day for a few weeks checking on the baby rabbits that were born and raised in the flower pot on our front porch. One Saturday, Aaron and I took Turner to Dave and Busters and let him play games for as long as he wanted. I’m a sucker for an arcade, so it was a lot of fun for me as well!


Movie Theater – If you know my family at all, you know that Aaron LOVES movies. Although I’m not a huge movie fan, I really was interested in seeing the Christopher Robin movie. Turner really liked it, but I think Aaron and I enjoyed it even more than he did! The only picture we got during this outing was Turner posing with the display of another movie he wants to see when it comes out.


Mississippi trip/Braves Game – We spent Labor Day weekend with our families in Mississippi, and while we were there, we decided to make a quick trip to Atlanta with Turner and his cousin Katie to see a Braves game. The kids did great at the game and Aaron and I really enjoyed getting to see the new Suntrust Park. Big thanks to Julie and Ed for opening up your home for us to stay!

CRUISE – We rounded out the summer with one bug surprise trip for Turner – a disney cruise! You can read all the details about that here Disney Dream Cruise 2018

It was fun to look back at all of our summer memories, and now I am looking forward to transitioning into the slower pace and cooler weather that comes with Fall and making more memories with my family!

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