How I clean my beautyblender®

Hi. My name is Anna and I am NOT a beauty blogger, nor do I intend to be. In fact, ALL of the makeup that I own fits in to one travel sized makeup bag. So I’m by no means an expert on this type of thing, but I did learn a technique a while back that has really helped me preserve one of my favorite beauty products…my beautyblender®.

Like many of you, I prefer to use a blending sponge to apply my foundation, and the original beautyblender® seems to work the best. They’re not necessarily cheap, but I think it’s worth the investment. Confession: when I first started using a beautyblender®, I didn’t know that you’re supposed to wash them frequently. I rarely washed mine back then, and I found that I had to replace it frequently. When I did try to wash it, I would just squirt some liquid hand soap in my hand to try to wash it, but it never seemed to come clean.

I finally discovered a surprisingly cheap and simple technique to keep my beautyblender® clean to extend the life of it. I wash mine after about every 1-2 uses now. I’ve had this one for a few months, and it’s still going strong! I hope this simple tip is helpful for you beautyblender® users!

All you need is warm water and a bar of soap. (I use ivory). Scrub the beauty blender® against the soap under warm running water until clean. I reserve a bar specifically for cleaning my beautyblender® so that I’m not transferring any germs from anywhere else onto my face.

How do you clean your beautyblender®? I’ve been using this technique for at least a year now, but am I late to the party on any other methods that may work better? Let me know!

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