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Favorite Kids’ Books

We love to read at our house, so my husband and dad built an awesome bookshelf in a little nook behind the door in Turner’s room to store all of his books. 

 Even though we have dozens of kid books, there are several that stand out as our favorites:

Little Blue Truck – This book is such a fun, easy read. It’s fun for us to make the animal sounds, and now that Turner is older, he can make all of the sounds, too! It’s a great story about friendship and working together.

Love You Forever – I have to admit, this is actually one of MY favorites, not necessarily Turner’s. I remember my 4th grade teacher reading this book to us, and I’ve loved it ever since then. It tells such a sweet story of a mother’s unending love for her son.

Hank Finds an Egg – My favorite part about this book is that it has no words! It’s full of beautiful pictures that depict a story of Hank finding a lost egg in the forest, and displays his attempts to return the egg to where it belongs. I tend to tell the story almost the same way every time, but when I hear Aaron “reading” it to Turner, he has a different variation. I love that Turner is able to point to the pictures and really grasp the idea of what’s going on in the story.

Cowboy Small – We’ve read this book so many times now that we can pause during the story and Turner knows exactly what word comes next! Since he’s the first Texas-born member of our family, we thought it’s only appropriate to teach him about cowboys from a young age!

Diggers Go – This just might be the #1 favorite book in our family! Turner is obsessed with all things “tractor,” so this is the perfect book for him! We LOVE turning each page to see the different types of equipment. He knows the names of every one, and can also tell you what sound they make! For example, the wrecking ball says “BOOM!” but being the awesome parents that we are (ha ha), we taught him that the wrecking ball says “Boom Shakalaka!”

What are some favorite books at your house? 

2 thoughts on “Favorite Kids’ Books

  1. I’m looking forward to buying Hank finds an Egg. A book with no words really opens up a child’s creativity and individualism. Thanks for sharing!!!


  2. Here are the top favorites that the little boy I nanny and I enjoy reading together. He will be three in a few days:

    Any of the books in the Bear and Mouse collection by Bonny Becker and illustrated by Kady MacDonald Denton (beautiful illustrations too!) Our favorite book in the collection is A Visitor for Bear. These books have repetition that allows the little boy help me read when I pause at certain spots. We both make sound effects for cheery mouse and curmudgeon bear that allows us to act out the story. Cute story about the happiness found in friendship. Never gets old to read these books. I actually just got A Library Book for Bear as part of my little guy’s birthday gifts.

    The Diggers by Margaret Wise Brown. He loves diggers and trucks and all things that go! This book has fantastic illustrations and repetition that allows him to help me read.

    The Best Mouse Cookie by Laura Numeroff. My little guy loves chocolate and cookies, and we have baked treats from time to time. So this book is fun when we act out putting in ingredients and doing our “mixing dance” and laugh when mouse makes a mess and burns the cookies.

    Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle and Jill McElmurry. I saw that this one made your list. We really like making the animals sounds too. We read the Little Blue Truck Leads the Way (the one about Little Blue Truck in the city), but it is just not as much of a favorite as the farm scene one.


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