He speaks through song.

Last weekend marked 8 months since my dad’s hospitalization that rocked our family’s world and tested our faith like never before. Even though all these months have passed, I still struggle with fear that something else is going to happen to him. If a family member calls me during the work day, I generally assume the worst and answer the phone with “Is everything okay?!” I don’t like living with that fear, especially since I know that God did not give me that spirit of fear.

During our worship service at church Sunday morning, I prayed that God would deliver me from this fear and allow me to live by faith like I know that I should. I also specifically prayed for my daddy’s heart and that there would be no blockages so that his blood would flow freely through his heart and veins.

As the next song came on, I immediately felt my eyes well up with tears as I listened to the words: “I’m no longer a slave to fear. I am a child of God.” The lyrics also say “Your blood flows through my veins…” I felt in that moment that the Lord was speaking directly to me through that song to let me know that He heard my prayer and was responding to me.

Not surprisingly, the sermon was about being friends with God and learning to tune out the noises of the world and listen to His voice. Our pastor recently wrote a book called Frequency that addresses this very subject. I’m excited to read it and learn how to deepen my relationship with the Lord!


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