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Little Ninja

A few months ago, we took Turner to the Lil’ Ninja’s gym in Dallas for him to play around on the obstacles. I’m a huge fan of the show American Ninja Warrior, so when we learned there was a ninja gym in our area, we had to check it out. They had a toddler area that was a lot of fun!  Since we were there on a weekday, there were very few other people there, so Turner got to play around on pretty much all of the “big kid” obstacles, too! The downside of going there is that it was quite a drive from our house, but the staff told us that they were opening a new location closer to where we live in the Spring of 2016.

They changed the name to Obstacle Warrior Kids, and the new location opened last week. We took Turner there to check it out, and it was even better than the original location! It’s $8/hour for toddlers to play, which is a great deal considering all that there is to do.

The toddler area has a large trampoline, a mini rope wall, a mini rock wall, several obstacles to jump on, and a huge pit with foam blocks that the kids can jump in over and over. Parents are welcome to climb on the obstacles to help the kids, but they also have a staff member in the toddler area to lend a hand with the little ones.

We ventured over to the “big-kid” area, and it had most of the obstacles that you see on the TV show. I was amazed to see the kids scaling the warped wall! No matter what age your kid is, if you’re in the area, I highly recommend checking this place out!

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