Weekend Recap

We had a lovely Easter weekend! I had to work on Good Friday, so Aaron and Turner had a boy’s day out. They had tons of fun! First they had donuts, then played at Kid Mania. Later, they shopped for a fishing pole for Turner to use when we go to Mississippi next week. After nap time, they went to the park to play, then finally it was time for me to come home.

Our church is generally in overflow at most of the Sunday services on any given weekend, so we actually had Easter services beginning on Friday night. We went on Friday night, and it was a beautiful service that was filled with the presence of the Holy Spirit. Turner came out of his class and told us “Jesus is alive!” It makes me so happy that he loves church and is learning about Jesus.

Family Easter Picture 2016

On Saturday, Aaron and I got to go on a date to celebrate our anniversary! We had a babysitter for 6 hours! Seriously…we never do that!! We had brunch at Black Walnut Cafe, and then we went to Fair Park to see The Little Mermaid musical. It was a good show! This makes about the 10th musical that we’ve seen together (on and off Broadway), so it’s becoming our “thing.” We really enjoy it and are looking forward to seeing more shows later this year.


On Saturday evening, we had tons of play time with Turner around the house and in the backyard. Turner loves to be outside! We worked in the yard and set up some outdoor furniture on our back patio to get ready for Spring. After Turner went to bed, Aaron and I put together his little Easter basket.

I have to give credit to Aaron — he shopped for everything in Turner’s basket himself. He’s such a great dad and only wants the best for his little boy. However, Aaron generally ignores the age guidelines for toys, so we put a few of the things away for Turner to use when he gets a little older. 🙂 Turner’s favorite gift by far was the “bubble blaster.” He had loads of fun on Sunday blowing bubbles outside. We hung around the house for most of the day on Sunday and just enjoyed our time together as a family. We had a great homemade Easter dinner, if I do say so myself!

Another great weekend in the books! I hope you all have a good week!


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