Have y’all heard of Misophonia? It’s basically when a person has a hatred of specific sounds. When exposed to those sounds, it causes an intense negative reaction in that person.

I’ve had a problem with certain sounds all my life, but I didn’t know there was a name for it until I heard Kelly Ripa talk about it several years ago. It was such a relief to finally know that someone else felt the same way that I do! The most common “triggers” by far for me are slurping and chewing. When I’m around people making those sounds and I can’t easily escape, I feel my body become tense and I am completely distracted. In professional settings such as staff meetings, I usually lose focus quickly and have trouble concentrating when someone is chewing loudly or slurping hot tea or coffee.

I’ve definitely never seen a doctor for this, so I’m 100% self-diagnosed. I read this article with a quiz to do a self-test. I generally find myself fitting into Group 3, although I can honestly say I’ve had reactions at times that are similar to some described in Groups 4-6.

Do any of you have Misophonia too? If so, what are your triggers?

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