Feels Like Home

I have been feeling a bit homesick lately, so Aaron and I decided that it was time to make a quick trip home for me to get my Mississippi fix. We loaded up on Tuesday evening and made the 8 hour drive home. Turner did great in the car – Chick Fil A and Paw Patrol kept him entertained until he fell asleep for the remainder of the drive. We made it to Granny’s house (Aaron’s mom) around 2 AM. When we woke up, Turner was so happy to see that his cousin LK was already there to play! They had powdered donuts and bananas for breakfast, then headed outside to play for most of the morning.

Breakfast…and crazy hair
Little monkeys

Despite our best efforts, Aaron and I could NOT get the kids to take a nap on Wednesday! So Uncle J, Aunt R, and baby C came over and we took the kids fishing. It was Turner’s first time to go fishing, and he had a great time catching fish with daddy and Uncle J. I’m not much of a fishing person myself, so I hung out with baby C and munched on the kids’ snacks. 🙂

Casting his line…
His first fish!

That evening, more family and friends came over and we had a great supper. The kids played together so well, and I was so glad to get to spend time with Aaron’s family. Turner stayed up way past his bedtime, but it was worth it to have so much fun.

All 4 cousins

On Wednesday, we had lunch with Aaron’s mom before hitting the road to see my family. We went straight to my parents’ house (Papa and Lulu), and then my dad and I went to the daycare to pick up cousin K. She was so surprised to see me there! She made my day when she ran across the room and jumped into my arms. We took her back to Papa and Lulu’s house, and she and Turner spent the afternoon playing outside, picking flowers, and watching cartoons.We had supper at Aunt S and Uncle K’s house, and Turner and cousin K played until it was time to go to sleep.

On Friday, we had lunch with one of my dearest friends, Hope, and then did a little shopping in town. My parents were catering a large event, so I helped a little bit in the kitchen. We spent the evening with Aunt S and Uncle K again (and crashed their 10 year anniversary!). We stayed up far too late when Papa and Lulu got home, but it was so great to get to hang out with them. We pushed the two couches together to make Turner an enormous “special bed,” and he had tons of fun jumping and climbing on it!

Saturday was also a great day. One of my other closest friends, Alicia, brought her kids over and we had a day of food and fellowship. It was nice and sunny outside, so we let the kids play on the swing set and run around in the yard. After everyone left, Lulu took us shopping and bought Turner his first pair of real Cowboy boots! I’m excited to see him wear these!

First pair of cowboy boots!

Although we didn’t do anything super-special during this trip, there were so many memories made that I’ll always cherish. I can’t wait until the next time we get to go home!


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